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How to Play Liar’s Dice

A Game Loved by Pirates and Families Alike

This gem of a game is known throughout the world as Peruto, Pirates Dice, Liar’s Dice, Dudo and many other names. No matter where you’re playing it, it revolves around one simple idea… how well you can bluff!

Lair’s Dice is simple enough to learn but provides hours of enjoyment and hilarity among groups of 2 and up. All you need are 5 dice and a cup per person. The purpose of the game is convince your competitors that you have the most accurate bid of number of certain valued dice on the table at any given time. Players challenge one another on bids and the loser of a challenge loses a die moving forward. Last man standing wins.

Step 1 – The Roll: Each player rolls his or her dice under the cup and keeps the results obscured from the other players’ views. Players can look at their own dice if they choose to, but it is not required.

Step 2 – The Bid: You are bidding for all dice presently on the table. If there are 5 people playing the game, there is an initial amount of 25 dice on the table. The first player starts the bid by naming a face value and a quantity for the whole table (ex: “five 2’s”). The next player can either make a higher bid or challenge the initial bid. To make a higher bid, one of the values of the previous bid must increase. For example, if the initial bid is “five 2’s”, the next player can either increase the quantity (such as “six 2’s”), increase the face value (“five 4’s”), or both (“six 5’s”). At no point in the round can either the quantity or the face value decrease.

Step 3 – The Challenge: If you feel as though a bid is worth challenging, you can only challenge on your turn. You may only challenge the previous bid. Once a challenge is initiated, all players raise their cups to reveal their dice. The qualities of the challenged face value are totaled to see if the bid reached at least the required number, or more of that face value. If the challenger was correct, the person who placed the bid loses a die. If the person who placed the bid was correct, the challenger loses a die.

Step 4 – Continue Play: The winner of a challenge begins the next round’s bidding and play continues following this pattern until there is a winner.

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This game is greatly enhanced by some spiced rum and talking like a pirate. Trust us, you won’t forget that round anytime soon!

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