Gift & Grain | How To Create A Welcoming Space
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How To Create A Welcoming Space

3 easy steps to making your home a more welcoming environment.

When people come into our homes, the level to which they feel welcomed is directly related to how much effort we are willing to put into creating an inviting atmosphere.

1.Be true to yourself in your design and decorations. If you’re comfortable in swanky, high end environments, feel free to mimic that in your home. But if you are most at home in a simple, DIY-inspired space, feel the freedom to rock it! Our homes are extensions of our personalities, so how we decorate should be determined by who we are, not the other way around. Don’t strive to be someone you aren’t. When you are most comfortable in your home, you’ll be able to relax and be a better host than if you are trying to be someone you aren’t.

2.Have items in your home that inspire meaningful conversation. These don’t have to be extravagant art pieces or massive furniture collections. Sometimes a simple coffee table placed in the perfect spot in your living room will draw people in and facilitate great connections. A dining table with comfortable chairs that allow for lingering conversations and walls to come down. Appropriately placed decor, such as a blanket ladder displaying cozy throws or a serving tray with scented candles on it, can do wonders for communicating hospitality. Again, these pieces don’t need to break the bank or be overly audacious, so long as they help people feel comfortable, relaxed and feel like they can be themselves in your space.

3.This last piece of advice isn’t decor or design related, but may be the most important component of creating a welcoming environment. If you want people to feel welcomed and comfortable, focus on them! It may seem simple, but asking questions and communicating that you care about that person’s needs/wants/hopes/hurts/etc will speak hospitality louder than piece of furniture or decor. At Gift & Grain, we want our items to empower you to love others and welcome them into your space in ways that lead to lasting memories.

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