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How To Be A Good Neighbor

“Love your neighbor as yourself”

-Jesus, the Bible

We’ve all had someone cut us off on the road, flip out on us in the grocery store, or maybe ding our car and drive way. We’ve been on the receiving end of some some seriously un-neighborly actions. And even if we don’t want to admit it, we’ve probably been a source of frustration for others as well. How we respond in these moments of frustration can tell us a lot about who we are. When it comes to being a good neighbor, there is a lot we can learn from how Jesus treated those around him. There’s some great wisdom that can be gleaned from the best neighbor in history.

“Love your neighbor as yourself.” This is an easy phrase to say, but a much harder one to live out. More often than not, it’s used to manipulate people into doing what we want, or a command given to kids in order to modify their behavior. If we are looking at this command Jesus gives his friends, he’s encouraging them to think of others the same way we think of ourselves. Nobody has to tell us to prioritize ourselves. We are hard wired to have our best interests in mind. But what if we flipped that on its head and tried to put the needs of others ahead of our own? My guess is that would be pretty difficult. I know I struggle with the tension between pursuing my own comfort over what might benefit someone else more. It’s a daily thing I wrestle with. The times that I listen to Jesus’ words to his buddies and put the needs of my neighbors over myself, I always find more joy than if I had served myself first. Every. Single. Time.

Jesus doesn’t define who our neighbor is. He doesn’t give a laundry list of the right things to do and say. He simply gives us the encouragement to flip our normal mentality upside down and think of others more than ourselves. He knew we’d have no problem with knowing how we want to be loved, so he let us fill in the blanks of what that means for others.

At Gift & Grain, we strive to be good neighbors. We want to live and love like Jesus taught his friends how to love. Our business is more than handcrafted wood furniture and decor – it’s a collection of people who are passionate about bringing people together around shared space and motivating them to love their neighbors as themselves. And hey, Jesus was a carpenter, so there’s gotta be something to that. We look forward to being your neighbor.

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